Effetto offers plenty of glass capacity, and the annealing space to match:

  • 900 lb clear pot furnace

  • Two blowing stations with glory holes, benches and airlines at each station

  • Two Glory holes:

    • Large - 23″ diameter x 44″ deep

    • Small - 19″ diameter x 27″ deep

  • Garage oven for goblet making

  • Electric color kiln

  • Pipe cooler

  • Pipes, punties, bit rods, optic molds, torches and hot torches available

  • Loading dock by main blowing station, perfect for blowing into molds

  • 3 annealing kilns with a total square footage of 138 square feet of floor space

  • Cold shop with lap wheel, two belt sanders, lathe, drill press and sand blaster


Rental inquiries please contact us at 510-543-9020 or via our Contact page.

Effetto Glassworks meets the needs of artists, designers and industry professionals at both the industrial and individual level.

Effetto Glassworks is a 5,000 square foot commercial glass production facility, the size and layout of which is ideal for production glassmaking.

Multiple teams or stations can be run simultaneously, increasing production capacity.